Portrait: Billy Mckinnon – Poet, Script writer, Film Producer and eccentric.

Portrait: Billy Mckinnon - Poet, Script writer, Film Producer and eccentric.

When I first moved to Berlin my Friend Billy put me in touch to stay with Billy Mckinnon.
An older eccentric writer from Scotland. He was living with his girlfriend Emily on the top floor apartment on Hasenheide Strasse over-looking the park in the summer time.

This was such a great start to my stay in Berlin, we would drink lots of red wine and smoke cigarettes and he would give me shit every-time i mispronounced the name of a novelist with my Australian accent.

It was also great listening to him on the phone to his American agent yelling back and forth about the script which he was working on at the time. There is something about the dry stubbornness that converts to humor in Scottish flamboyance.

He also showed me some of his work, and I would show him some of my lousy poems scribbled in my notepad while I was travelling.

This portrait was taken on Hassenheide Str. on the way to our local greek cafe for coffee. The Church in the background is the Südstern Chappel which was built in 1897.


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Documentary Photographer currently based in Berlin.
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