Jared O’Sullivan 2014 ©

Fashion & Documentuary photographer currently based in Fingal Heads, NSW Australia.

For Book and Print Sales, Exhibitions or work please contact;

Website: http://www.jaredosullivan.com
Email: jared_osullivan@hotmail.com
Phone: +49 157 365 265 30Exhibitions:
Street Ballads ; Solo Exhibition
Comb Art Space, April 2012.
Street Ballads
‘Photographic Installation made up of A1 Framed Color Photographs and Hand Printed Black and White prints through a tangent of Sydney streets.’
Resistance, Rebellion & Rhetoric ; Solo Exhibition and Book Launch.
1000PoundBend Gallery Melbourne, 2011
Small Stints to Nowhere ; with Charlie Hillhouse.
Nine Lives Gallery Brisbane, 2010.Crashpad Exhibition with Nick Simpson.
Nine Lives Gallery Brisbane,2009.

3 Responses to Jared O’Sullivan 2014 ©

  1. leah. says:

    I stumbled upon your blog page .
    I think its rad.

  2. John R says:

    This is amazing man. Love every bit of it.

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