Cenote X’canche; Yucatan Mexico.

One of my favourite places in Mexico. Camping out under the stars, cooking over the fire.

This place is such a spectacle, the water, the roots growing down the side of this amazing waterhole. Paradise. ©Jared O’Sullivan 2015
Ek Balam_002



Ek Balam_178 1 Ek Balam_176 Ek Balam_171 2 Ek Balam_123 1 Ek Balam_115 Ek Balam_105 Ek Balam_066 Ek Balam_031 Ek Balam_020 Ek Balam_008 Ek Balam_004

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Documenting a road story through the Riviera Maya, Quintana Roo. Mexico.

Xcalac_Jostienda_www.jaredosullivan.com_001 Xcalac_Jostienda_www.jaredosullivan.com_002 1 Xcalac_Jostienda_www.jaredosullivan.com_006 Xcalac_Jostienda_www.jaredosullivan.com_007 Xcalac_Jostienda_www.jaredosullivan.com_008 Xcalac_Jostienda_www.jaredosullivan.com_010 Xcalac_Jostienda_www.jaredosullivan.com_013

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Take a walk with me through my first Mexican Chapter. June 15 2014 to March 15 2015.

Xcalac_Jostienda_www.jaredosullivan.com_013 Xcalac_Jostienda_www.jaredosullivan.com_010 Xcalac_Jostienda_www.jaredosullivan.com_008 Xcalac_Jostienda_www.jaredosullivan.com_007 Xcalac_Jostienda_www.jaredosullivan.com_006 Xcalac_Jostienda_www.jaredosullivan.com_002 1 Xcalac_Jostienda_www.jaredosullivan.com_001

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Xcalak, Riviera Maya. Mexico.


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Angel Fiesta In Mexico City.

A celebration of Mexicos 3-1 victory over Croatia in the 2014 Fifa world Cup.
After the match people from all around the city came to the Angel of Independance, a monument which is the epicentre of celebrations and protests in the city.

A crazy afternoon, that turned into night. People from all ages came together to sing and dance around the angel. Police protected the monument but allowed the party to go on. Vendors, sold food and ciggerrettes, photograhers sold polaroids infront of the chaos and at one point there was a small earthquake where the ground shook but everyone was too busy celebrating to notice!

If you would like to use any images please contact for high res.

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BW_Billy SIllouettte

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